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IMG_2808.jpgPermon's Paradise, largest hotel wellness complex in Slovakia, complete with its water and sauna world is without doubt a real wellness paradise.

Assortment of massages provided, relaxing bubble tubs and beneficial compresses...

A modern bowling alley complete with a new bar is ideal for pleasant get togethers or for holding small bowling tournaments...

Not to forget a swim in the 25 m hotel pool with Kriváň reflected on its mirror surface. A magical experience, come and see for yourself...

Do you like sport? Play tennis on the outside courts, play pool and darts, or pop in to our modern well-equipped fitness centre for a workout.

Grand hotel PERMON ****, High Tatras
High Tatras Slovakia, Podbanské, 032 42 Pribylina 1486
Phone: +421/524 71 01 11, Fax: +421/524 49 01 33, E-mail: